Sales conditions of the e-store for private customers
As of April 1, 2023

    – Wikmani e-shop – an e-shop operating at the internet address
    Sales conditions – these e-shop sales conditions
    Customer – a person who buys Products from the e-store
    Seller – Wikmani LT OÜ, reg. code 11554492, location Kadaka tee 70a Tallinn, Harju county 12618, e-mail:
    Consumer – a natural person who makes a transaction that is not related to an independent economic or by carrying out professional activities
    Order – A purchase order submitted by the customer from the Wikman e-store
    Product – product (products) sold by the Seller in the Wikman e-store
    2.1. The terms of sale apply to and govern the purchase of Products from the e-store
    legal relations that arise between the Seller and the Customer.
    2.2. When submitting an order, the Customer agrees to the provisions of the Terms of Sale.
    2.3. Before submitting the Order, the customer can save the Sales Terms and/or to print.
    2.4. The seller has the right to unilaterally change and supplement the Terms of Sale by publishing new ones Terms of sale at
    2.5. The Terms of Sale are valid until new Terms of Sale are published. Customer and Seller the Terms and Conditions of Sale valid at the time the Order was submitted apply to the legal relationship between
    2.6. The terms of sale are drawn up in Estonian.
    2.7. e-shop customer service contact details: e-mail:
    3.1. The images in the Wikman e-shop product descriptions are illustrative.
    3.2. The prices of the products in the e-shop are given in euros and include VAT.
    3.3. The prices displayed in the e-shop at the time of purchase apply to the products. If the selling price has changed by the time the Product is received, it will remain in effect until the order is completed currently valid price.
    3.4. The price of the ordered Products is subject to a transport fee, which depends on the transport area. It is also possible to pick up the goods yourself.
    3.5. The transport fee (if it is added) is stated separately before the Order payment.
    3.6. The seller has the right to change the prices of the offered Products.
    3.7. For Products sold by weight (for example, meat products, fish, fruit, vegetables, etc.).
    the final price of the Products may change when completing the Order.
    3.7.1. In the event that the weight product is assembled, the final price of the Product will be determined accordingly smaller than the actual weight, the Seller returns the weight product paid by the Customer the difference of the final price to the Customer’s current account within 7 working days from the date presented in the Order from the date of delivery.
    3.7.2. If the weight product is assembled, its final price will be determined accordingly to the actual weight greater than that paid by the Customer, the Customer is not obliged to make an additional payment in the corresponding part.
    3.8. In the event that the Product must be replaced during assembly (according to the Terms of Use to point 4.11.) and the price of the replacement product is lower than the price of the Product ordered by the Customer, returns The difference between the price of the Product ordered by the Seller and the replacement product to the Customer within 7 working days from From the delivery date specified in the order. In case the price of the replacement product is the Customer’s higher than the price of the ordered Product, the Customer is not obliged to make additional payment in the corresponding part to do.
    4.1. To make a purchase, the Customer must submit an Order in the e-shop.
    4.2. The customer can place orders in the e-store as an anonymous customer.
    4.3. To place an order, you must add suitable products to the shopping cart and press the “Go to pay” button.
    4.4. The Customer must then enter his name and contact details and agree With sales conditions and privacy policy.
    4.5. In the event that the Customer wants delivery carried out by the e-shop, the Customer has to enter the delivery address and select the order fulfillment time (date and time).
    4.6. The Seller is not responsible for incorrect data provided by the Customer when completing the Order for the resulting damage or any other consequences.
    4.7. The Customer pays for the entire Order in the payment environments provided by the Seller. Customer checks before payment that the Products, quantities and prices reflected in the Order correspond to his actual desire.
    4.8. After paying via the bank link, the Customer must press the button “Back to the merchant”.
    4.9. The Seller sends an automatic e-mail to the Customer about the receipt of the order
    With order confirmation. If there are errors in the Order Confirmation (unsolicited goods, quantities etc.), you must immediately contact the Seller’s customer service in point 2.7. brought contact details.
    4.10. The Seller starts assembling the Order when the Customer has paid for the entire Order.
    4.11. If the Seller does not have the Product ordered by the customer when assembling the Order to give in the desired quantity, the Seller has the right to deliver the Product at his own discretion or by phone with the Customer to replace in consultation.
    4.12. If the Seller is unable to replace the Product or if the Customer receives the Order
    the replacement is not approved and is waived, the cost of the missing Product will be returned to the Customer to the current account within 7 working days from the delivery specified in the Order of the date.
    4.13. The seller has the right to cancel the execution by notifying the Customer by e-mail along with the reason for withdrawal. In case the Seller refuses to fulfill the Order, it will be returned The cost of the order will be transferred to the customer’s account within 7 working days from the date of submission of the order from the date of delivery.
    5.1. You can pay for the order in the ways shown in the e-shop environment. Order a service fee may be added to the cost, according to the Customer’s bank or credit card to the contract concluded between the issuer.
    5.2. All refunds made by the Seller in accordance with the Terms of Sale shall be made by the Customer to the same current account from which the Order was paid.
    6.1. The order can be picked up at Wikmani LT OÜ, Kadaka tee 70a, Tallinn, 12618 or
    The order is sent to the address specified by the customer by courier (courier service within Tallinn and the vicinity of Tallinn)
    6.2. Picking up the order at the office
    6.2.1. Products are issued at the delivery point Mon-Fri 9.00-16.00 Fri 9.00-14.00
    6.2.2. Products are not issued on public holidays.
    6.2.3. The order is issued based on the phone number
    6.2.4. The Seller is not responsible for any damage caused to the Customer, if not caused by the Seller reasons, third parties have obtained the unique order number and it based on which the products have been received.
    6.2.5. The seller keeps the Order for 24 hours. If the Customer does not come to the Order after 24 hours, then the Customer is considered to have abandoned the Order and the Seller will return to the Customer the cost of the order within 7 days. From which the assembly and storage costs.
    2.6. In the event that the Seller fails to deliver the Products at the time specified in the Order Due to the circumstance arising from the Seller, the Seller undertakes to inform the Customer immediately On the contact phone or e-mail published by the customer to the seller. The seller and the customer come to an agreement total new delivery time. If the Seller and the Customer do not succeed in the new one to agree on the delivery time, the Seller and the Customer read the sales contract specifically
    The order is completed and the Seller returns the entire amount paid for the Order to the Customer amount within 7 working days from the date of delivery specified in the Order.
    2.7. The risk of damage or loss of the products passes to the Customer after the Order of receipt.
    2.8. Upon delivery of the order, the Customer undertakes to check the delivery immediately Compliance of the products with the delivery note. Inconsistencies in the order (e.g. defective or broken Products in the package, not ordered Products, unsuitable replacement products, etc.) is the Customer obliged to note on the delivery note in the hands of the courier and those that do not correspond to the Order Return the products to the courier immediately. Otherwise, the Order will be considered fulfilled.
    2.9. Upon receiving the order, the Customer has the right to refuse the Products or part of them. Weight products can only be abandoned as a whole. In case of complete cancellation of the order and/or in the event that as a result of partial cancellation, the cost of the Order is less than the free delivery minimum limit, the Seller has the right to withhold the value of the Order returned to the Customer
    keep the delivery charge according to the delivery area. The basis for the return is
    the corresponding note on the delivery note. Refundable Order cost including the delivery fee, will be returned to the Customer’s account within 7 working days
    within the period from the signing of the consignment note on which the return is based.
    7.1. The consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract (withdraw from the Products) within 14 calendar days within the period from receipt of the Products, by filling out a withdrawal from the Agreement standard form (available in the e-shop environment The application for withdrawal can also be filled out at Wikmani LT OÜ office Kadaka tee 70a, Tallinn, 12618.
    7.2. The costs related to the return of the products shall be borne by the Customer.
    7.3. The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract (return the Products) only if the Products are unused and undamaged and in original packaging.
    7.4. Due to the Obligations Act (VõS), the 14-day right of withdrawal does not apply:
    7.4.1. when handing over something that spoils or ages quickly (including all chilled and frozen Products ie. Products marked “Valid until…”);
    7.4.2. when handing over a thing whose use-by date has passed;
    7.4.3. upon handover of other Products specified in § 53 subsections 4 of the Commercial Code.
    7.5. In the event that the Customer has used, damaged, or damaged the Products to be returned, The seller has the right to refuse to take back the Products.
    7.6. If the Customer has withdrawn from the contract and the returned Products are correct, he returns them The Seller to the Customer shall pay the price of the Products together with the returned Products to the place calculated with a delivery fee within 7 working days after the return of the Products.
    8.1. In case of non-compliance of the products with the contract conditions, the Customer has the right to rely on the law for the legal remedies provided. If the Seller violates its obligations, the Customer has the right to claim to refuse to fulfill an obligation, to refuse to fulfill one’s owed obligation, to demand damages compensation, lower the price, in case of delay in fulfilling the financial obligation, demand late payment or withdraw from the contract.
    8.2. The seller is not responsible for non-compliance of the Product with the contractual conditions that have occurred From the customer’s actions and/or inaction, including non-intended use of the Product or improper storage (failure to comply with storage conditions).
    8.3. The Customer undertakes to notify the Seller of non-conformity of the Product within 3 days at the latest of its discovery, i. file a claim.
    8.4. The claim can be submitted to the e-mail address: In the claim
    the name and contact details of the Customer, the date of submission of the claim, on the Product must be indicated the defect that occurred and the content of the claim, and attach a document proving the purchase.
    5. In the event that the Customer does not agree with the solution offered by the Seller in the event of a claim, As a consumer, the Client has the right to appeal to the Consumer Protection Board and its established bodies to the Consumer Disputes Committee, which has the competence to resolve between the consumer and the trader consumer disputes initiated by the consumer arising from the agreement between the parties, which the parties have not been able to to be resolved by agreement. The procedural rules can be found at
    The Secretariat of the Consumer Disputes Commission is located at Rahukohtu 2, 10130 Tallinn, tel. 6201 920, e-mail:
    6. The direct link to the online dispute resolution platform (ODR platform) is here.
    9.1. The Seller and the Customer are responsible to each other for the violation of the Terms of Sale to the other party for damages caused in the cases stipulated in the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia and extent.
    9.2. The customer is responsible for the correctness of the data provided when placing the order in the e-shop for. If the Customer provides incomplete or incorrect data, the Seller is not responsible for this for the consequences caused by it, and the Seller has the right to demand from the Customer contingently arising from this compensation for damages.
    10.1. The Customer can take the packaging waste to the nearest Estonia To the packaging containers of the Recycling Organization (ETO), the locations of which can be found here.
    10.2. The Customer has the option to take packages for which a deposit has been set to which store to the corresponding collection point.